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Find the Crayfish, Find the Fish

A great way to locate fish in midsummer is to find crayfish. Just about every kind of fish likes to chew on crayfish, especially young crayfish before they get too big and their outside skeleton gets too hard. Bass, walleye, pike and even big panfish like to munch down crayfish. Crayfish are common in streams and lakes and really like to hang out in areas where they can hide during the daylight hours and sneak
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Critical Shoreline Habitat Added to Miller’s Bay AMA

DNR works with partners to expand Miller’s Bay Aquatic Management Area on Leech Lake The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Northern Waters Land Trust, Leech Lake Association, and the Twin Cities Chapter of Muskies, Inc., Hugh C. Becker Grant Committee recently partnered to purchase 5.25 acres with 1,300 feet of undeveloped shoreline as an addition to the existing Miller’s Bay Aquatic Management Area in Miller Bay on Leech Lake. The acquisition consists of two separate
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Why not largemouth bass?

Fish biologists are suggesting that as our climate continues to get warmer we are going to see a reduction in walleye, perch, northern pike and muskies in the northern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  All these species depend on colder water and a good healthy forage base of Tullibee. Tullibee also need cold water to survive and warming waters will mean fewer Tullibee in our changing climate. Scientists also suggest that as these fish are
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Who will be the next generation of outdoor stewards?

I have been giving a lot of thought to an issue that has emerged across America. Who will take an interest in the outdoors when the current generations are gone? Writers like to place people in categories to look at trends, values, and interests. We have the Greatest Generation, those born from 1930-1946, The Baby Boomer Generation, those born from 1946-1964, the Millennials, those born from 1982-2004 and then all the new kids born from
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The Bemidji Pioneer: Collaborating for conservation, Bemidji State students join local carbon sequestration project

March 25th, 2022: By Nicole Ronchetti. Northern Waters Land Trust, Hubbard County SWCD, MN DNR, and BSU Students are working together on a carbon sequestration pilot project. This project is funded by the Initiative Foundation.    
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Lakes of Biological Significance (LBS)

What are LBS and why are they important?   A Lake of Biological Significance (LBS), as defined by MN DNR researcher Paul Radomski, is a lake that has unique plants or animals such as some aquatic plants, fish, birds, or amphibians (Radomski et al – 2018). Of the 2,235 lakes in our four-county service area (Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, and Hubbard), approximately 390 lakes are currently classified as LBS. Like all lakes, LBS can be
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Washburn Lake Watershed, Cass County Forest Addition

Washburn Lake is classified as a tullibee (cisco) refuge lake. Protection of land in the lake’s watershed is an important way to preserve water quality in this important cold-water lake. The opportunity to purchase and convey a 18.5 acre land-locked property in the Washburn Lake watershed to Cass County for permanent protection arose in early 2020.  The property is located in Trelipe Township with 1,450 shoreline feet on Lake George.  Located about three miles northwest
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Star Tribune: Minnesota Landowners Hold Keys to Protect Forests, Cold Water Lakes

July 10, 2021: By Jennifer Bjorhus, Northern Waters Land Trust is featured in a Star Tribune article, showcasing a completed project on Wabedo Lake. The Siemering Family worked with NWLT to protect 116 acres of pristine forest, which is now managed by Cass County and accessible to all people for countless generations to come.
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Donation Expands Pelican Lake Aquatic Management Area

In January of 2020, the Pelican Lake Aquatic Management Area (AMA), on the east side of the lake, grew by 24 acres with the addition of the Dorothy and George McDonald Tract, resulting in 84 acres of permanently protected land. These 24 acres are undeveloped and will result in the additional protection of a sensitive, high-quality lake, and enhanced public recreation opportunities, thanks to Brad and Shelli Stanback, neighbors to this AMA. When this property
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