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Clean Water Critical Habitat

The CWCH habitat program is a fisheries protection program. CWCH specifically focuses on deep cold water tullibee refuge lakes. Tullibee (cisco) are forage fish for popular game species. They are sensitive to changes in temperature, oxygen levels, and water quality.

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Lakes of Biological Significance

The Lakes of Biological Significance  program is focused on protecting lakes that continue to have good water quality and healthy aquatic life.

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Carbon Sequestration

The Carbon Sequestration program is a pilot looking into the potential for including this as a component in some conservation easements and the impacts for mitigating climate change.

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Outreach & Education

Northern Waters Land Trust works with community members through a variety of educational workshops on wildlife and conservation as well as hand-on watershed activities at community events.

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Funding Sources

Funding for our largest programs comes from the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

Other funding sources include the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership, Initiative Foundation, and contributions from donors like you.



We work with multiple partners to find a solution for your conservation needs.

The primary funding source NWLT uses to support landowner’s out-of-pocket costs to establish a conservation easement on their property, or facilitate an acquisition, is the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

NWLT also works in partnership with the DNR and area Soil & Water Conservation Districts to facilitate other grant-based conservation projects, through programs such as:

If you are interested in protecting your land or lake, let NWLT be your first point of contact to help determine which conservation program would work best for your land. Contact us at

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Established in 2008 when Minnesota voters passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment (Legacy Amendment) to the Minnesota Constitution, the Outdoor Heritage Fund "may be spent only to restore, protect, and enhance wetlands, prairies, forest and habitat for fish, game, and wildlife."