Preserving land to protect water with you!

Fee for Service Programs

Northern Waters Land Trust (NWLT) may provide a portion or all of the services in establishing a conservation easement on your property for a fee. Many parcels may not be considered “top priority” for the available grants, but that doesn’t mean the land isn’t worth preserving!

NWLT can assist landowners through the various requirements for a conservation easement or a sale/or donation for permanent protection. An initial landowner interview and assessment will offer a perspective on what options exist for your land.


Land Acquisition Steps

  • Property investigation
  • DNR and/or other agency coordination, facilitation of Fee Title Acquisition
  • Environmental review
  • Appraisal to establish value
  • Purchase agreement
  • Land survey
  • Title review, insurance & research
  • Closing costs: Recording fee - Legal review - Abstract updating (If necessary)

Conservation Easement Steps

  • Site evaluation
  • Draft terms development and review
  • Baseline report of conservation values
  • Conservation easement drafting
  • Binding agreement
  • Property survey (if necessary)
  • Title research & insurance
  • Environmental review
  • Final review, approval, signature, and recording
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