Gifts of Property

Gifts of Property

Are you interested in donating your house, a second home or business, a retirement home or a piece of property that was part of your investments?

If so, you would likely receive a tax deduction for the full value of your gift.

  • Northern Waters Land Trust accepts gifts of real estate, such as urban and suburban lots, residential properties, and businesses specifically for the purpose of re-selling them and applying the funds to further our conservation efforts.

  • These gifts can make a significant impact on our ability to serve the conservation needs of northern Minnesota.

Prior to accepting such a generous gift, Northern Waters Land Trust staff and board would work with you to determine if the organization could accept it.


To clarify next steps, please contact your financial advisor and contact Elizabeth at, and we will be happy to help you.



Donate Land

We wouldn’t be here without landowners who care about the future of the Minnesota’s lakes. Spare yourself the inconvenience and details of selling property that no longer suits your needs by donating it to the land to Northern Waters Land Trust. From there, we’ll evaluate the land and either conserve it or use the sale proceeds to protect our region’s vital lands and waters.

We accept all kinds of real estate, including houses and investment properties. Plus, your land doesn’t have to look like a nature preserve to support our mission. (In these cases, we would then sell the property to acquire land that is valuable as habitat or for water quality protection.)

We'd love to hear from you.