Conservation Conversation: Featuring Pete Jacobson

Fisheries Scientist Pete Jacobson on Tullibees with Northern Waters Land Trust | KAXE, featuring Pete Jacobson (former DNR Fisheries Scientist)

Pete Jacobson retired from DNR Fisheries and is now a staff member for the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District.  Discussion about the NWLT’s Clean Water Critical Habitat program which focus’ on direct research regarding the importance of conserving tullibee (also known as cisco) to refuge lakes, enabling them to protect property land either through a conservation easement or fee title acquisitions.

Tullibee require cold, well oxygenated waters – a condition most common in lakes with deep water and healthy surrounding watersheds. Pete Jacobson’s research on tullibees has helped form the basis for water quality programs for many deep, clear lakes around the state.  Pete gives us facts on tullibee, the type of lakes they can be found in and the importance of having them in our lakes.  He also explains how climate change is changing the oxygen levels in our lakes.