Conservation Conversation: Featuring Kathy Wagner

Lake Associations and the Northern Waters Land Trust | KAXE, featuring Kathy Semotuk Wagner (Association of Cass County Lakes President)

Kathy Semotuk Wagner has lived in Cass County since the age of seven when her parents bought a small fishing resort on Wabedo Lake. In 2003, she returned to the property and taught at the Pine River Backus High School for twelve years. She was a special education teacher with a focus in English. She has been an active member of the Wabedo/Little Boy/Cooper /Rice Lakes Association since 2004. Kathy is now serving as the president for the Association of Cass County Lakes and works on the Wabedo Township Planning Commission, which evaluates applications for variances in her township. She is an herbalist and an organic gardener, growing specialty potatoes and blueberries. Kathy is passionate about living and feels adamant in protecting the natural world.