Conservation Conversation: Featuring Don Rosenberry

Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems Project, featuring Don Rosenberry (United States Geological Survey, Research Hydrologist)

Don Rosenberry who is a research hydrologist with the *USGS.  Don tells us about his research work on the Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems Project (SHAEP) here in Minnesota.  This project brings together scientists from the *USGS along with students and professors from various universities in the country.  This diverse group of scientists research the physical, chemical, and biological processes of lakes, wetlands, and streams at local and watershed scales.

*Dallas Hudson is the key component to the Shingobee effort.  Without Dallas, we would have none of the fascinating phenology data that we talked about during our Conservation Conversation.  We would have none of the water-chemistry data or groundwater-level data that Don talked about, nor would know about the increasing occurrence of algal blooms.  Without Dallas, we would have lost some of our equipment to floods.  As Don says, “There are no minions in USGS, or maybe we’re all minions, because we’re all public servants, working to provide the best and most reliable science. Dallas is where the data meet the road.  Without Dallas, there would be no Shingobee study.”