MGLP provides $324,238 in Grants to Conserve Fish Habitat in Lakes

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership (MGLP) is awarding $324,238 through its 2022 Lake Conservation Grant to five projects across the Upper Midwest. Together, these projects will benefit glacial lakes and their fish habitats, fish populations, and fisheries for years to come. Funds for the Lake Conservation Grant are provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and will be matched by over $1,597,000 in contributions from partners, for a total conservation impact of over $1,921,000. The five funded projects are:

  • Assessing relationships between fisheries and aquatic vegetation to improve lake habitat management – $60,155
  • Shoreline habitat restoration projects (MN) – $75,000
  • Identifying and prioritizing lakes of biological significance (MN) – $37,646
  • Lake Goguac stormwater diversion (MI) $75,000
  • Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership operations, $76,436

Identifying and prioritizing lakes of biological significance

Northern Waters Land Trust will expand upon the priorities in its conservation evaluation framework and prioritize parcels for conservation in the watersheds of 391 Lakes of Biological Significance.

Since its founding, Northern Waters Land Trust (NWLT) has perpetually protected over 5,800 acres of  land and approximately 241,000 feet of environmentally sensitive shoreline in its service area. NWLT  has an existing evaluation framework and online map priorities for prioritized tullibee (Cisco) refuge lakes (se

e map image above). This project will expand the existing framework to include 391 Lakes of Biological Significance that have unique plants or animals present. The project will prioritize conservation of specific parcels within the sensitive watersheds of these priority lakes and showcase this data on an interactive map. NWLT’s proposed methodology is key for conservation efforts directed at mitigating the impacts of shoreline development, climate change, deforestation, and more. The results of this grant will be essential in helping NWLT continue its permanent land conservation efforts in this developing region.

Read the full newsletter here: Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership (MGLP)

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership (MGLP) brings together resource agencies, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders to protect, rehabilitate, and enhance sustainable fish habitats in naturally formed lakes of the Midwest.