Fee for Service Programs

Northern Waters Land Trust (NWLT) may provide a portion or all of the services in establishing a conservation easement on your property for a fee. Many parcels are not considered “top priority” for the various available grants, but that doesn’t mean the land isn’t worth preserving! NWLT can assist land owners through the various requirements for either a conservation easement or a sale/donation for a public agency. An initial landowner interview and assessment costs approximately $200 and will offer a perspective on what options exist for your land.

Acquisition Steps

  • Property investigation
  • DNR and/or other agency coordination, facilitation of Fee Title Acquisition
  • Environmental review
  • Appraisal to establish value
  • Purchase agreement
  • Land survey
  • Title review, insurance & research
  • Closing costs: Recording fee - Legal review - Abstract updating (If necessary)

Conservation Easement Steps

  • Site evaluation
  • Draft terms development and review
  • Baseline report of conservation values
  • Conservation easement drafting
  • Binding agreement
  • Property survey (if necessary)
  • Title research & insurance
  • Environmental review
  • Final review, approval, signature, and recording

If NWLT holds your conservation easement, a payment into our Stewardship or Legal funds will also be required. Contact our office for more details about your land and goals.

Landowner Options

Why Conservation Matters

Connecting lands in/along waterways can be as effective as preserving lake shorelines. Natural conservation in the flood plains act as filters for the lake and everything downstream of the lake.

Fee for Service Programs