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How We WorkNorthern Water Alliance

Our vision is to have an educated populace and engaged elected officials and agencies dedicated to creating and supporting strong protection policies, appropriate action, and sustainable use of our northern water resources.

Structure and Engagement in the Alliance

  • There shall be a Steering Committee open to all members made up of the key leaders of the several working groups formed around water issues. The role of the Steering Committee is to set long and short-term goals for the Alliance, identify communication strategies, proactively assess issues of concern, and support the working groups.
  • To start there shall be a Pipeline Work Group, an Aquatic Invasive Species Work Group, and a Land Water Conservation Issues Work Group.
  • Work groups set their own priorities and timelines and may take positions separate from the Alliance as a whole.
  • Network Members agree to share best practices, promotion materials, strategic information, templates, and other resources that can help to advance the mission of the Alliance.
  • Network Members agree to be identified as active in the Northern Water Alliance of Minnesota and are encouraged to identify the NWAMN on promotional materials and media as appropriate.
  • Network Members shall not be assessed any payment or dues, however, donations to the Alliance may be accepted.
  • Network Membership is a two- year commitment and may be nullified by either party at any time.
  • Network Members do not need to provide any organizational information they deem confidential.
  • Network Members will make every effort to attend meetings and shall be provided notes and minutes of the Alliance and its work groups.
  • We will engage in our work in a consensus style of operation. Northern Water Alliance
  • Collaboration and respect will be guiding principles of our work.

The Relationship of the NWA of MN and LLAWF

In early 2000 the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation and Tri-County Watershed Project worked in partnership with advocacy groups like the Jack Pine Coalition. With the merger of the Tri-County Project and the Leech Lake Watershed Foundation the organization became focused on Land Conservation through conservation easements and fee title acquisition. This left a significant gap around WATER advocacy. In 2008 LLAWF, in partnership with the Association of Cass County Lakes and Cass Environmental, produced the Shoreland Homeowners Guide to Lake Stewardship. In 2015 LLAWF recognized the need to expand their advocacy role and the Northern Water Alliance was a perfect match. The Alliance is currently overseen by Mary Ackerman, a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Leadership of the Alliance is a shared partnership that includes leaders from Pine River Watershed Alliance, MNCOLA, ACCL, Honor the Earth, and MN350. Currently LLAWF is providing financial support for this work.

Membership of the Northern Water Alliance

There are currently two kinds of membership to the Alliance: Individual and Organiation.

  • Individual Member: Everyone is encouraged to join a Working Group that fits with your interests and expertise. All members will receive email updates and are encouraged to help educate and mobilize neighbors and their community around WATER issues in the North Country. To become a member simply click on the tab below and complete the easy form. Welcome!
  • Organization Member: If you are the head of an organization whose mission concerns WATER, we encourage you to become a member. Our goal as a network is to have the best information and most up to date resources available to the public. These resources are generated by great organizations like yours doing this work. By becoming a member you agree to having our website linked to yours and we encourage your site to link to ours. You agree to add your organization’s logo to our Alliance Home Page on the LLAWF website.
  • We encourage all non-profits and agencies doing WATER conservation and protection to join.
  • We hope individual Lake Associations will join and encourage their individual members to join.