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About UsNorthern Water Alliance

The Northern Water Alliance of Minnesota is a newly forming network of individuals and organizations engaged in in protecting our northern water resources and promoting best practices for sustaining our good waters and restoring waters already compromised. We are hosted by the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation and function as one of their initiatives. Our goal is to educate, inform, and mobilize others concerned with the state of our water in Northern Minnesota.  

Current Status of the Alliance

Spring 2016 will be the formal launching of all Work Groups. Members will be recruited, Goals addressed, and the NWA Website Information bolstered with input from members. Until that time, look for “More Information Coming” as a placeholder. We will work to add links to partner organizations doing great work on each WATER issue, more sample letters for you to Take Action, sample Newsletter Stories about WATER concerns for your use, and more!

Formal Members

The following organizations are formal members as of July 2016.

Honor the Earth
Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation
MN Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA)
Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates
Association of Cass County Lake (ACCL)
White Fish Chain of Property Owners (WAPOA)
Toxic Taters
Friends of the Mississippi River
Cass County Isaac Walton League

Ada Lake Association
Ingudona Lake Association
Ten Mile Lake Association
Wabedo, Little Boy, Cooper, Rice Lakes Association
Towline Lake Association
Pine River Watershed Association

HistoryNorthern Water Alliance

The Alliance was founded over the summer of 2015 by Mary Ackerman and Jim Reents, a wife and husband team concerned about the proposed Sandpiper Pipeline and the energy corridor proposed by the Canadian company, Enbridge. As they became more involved with the Pipeline and the various citizen groups working to protect an environmentally sensitive pipeline route, it was surprising to find out how few organizations, lake associations and concerned citizen leaders were working collaboratively on pipeline development. As these concerned individuals and non-profit organizations met together they also shared concerns around risky agricultural practices, invasive species in our lakes, threatening mining practices, and other challenges to our WATER.

These early meetings resulted in a small group of conservation leaders coming together and the formation of a leadership team. The result was an expanded focus from the threat of pipelines to all issues that impacted WATER. The meetings continued and the value of connection to stay informed became the genesis for a more formalized networking approach. We named ourselves, created the mission, vision, and values statements below. From the beginning of the conversations the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation was at the table. By mid-summer the Foundation invited the fledgling group, now named The Northern Water Alliance of MN, to come under their umbrella as a formal part of the Foundation’s structure and reach.

Northern Water AllianceThe Organization

The Northern Water Alliance of Minnesota, is a volunteer network of organizations and individuals. We are organized as a network in order to maximize communication, collaboration, and mobilization around WATER issues. As a network of individuals and organizations we look to each other and those doing WATER advocacy and protection for the most up-to-date science-based information. The Alliance will then work to bring this information to the public on its’ website, in Email Updates, and in public presentations.


We are an alliance of independent organizations and individuals focused on protecting our northern Minnesota water resources. The Alliance is formed to enhance and expand our individual and organizational efforts to empower, mobilize, educate, advocate, and take action around issues and threats to our water.


Our vision is to have an educated populace and engaged elected officials and agencies dedicated to creating and supporting strong protection policies, appropriate action, and sustainable use of our northern water resources.

Statement for Values

We believe that clean water is a basic human right of all people. We believe that the policies, regulations and practices that impact water in our State should be focused on the protection and sustainability of our clean water resource. We believe that the lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and aquifers must be protected and improved for all future generations. We believe in shared vision and collaboration.


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