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Recent Articles and Opinion/Educational Pieces

Lake Associations, Local Governments Boost Spending Against Aquatic Invaders.  John Reinan.  Star Tribune, 12/3/16

Refuge for Tullibees. Chris O'Brien. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, May June 2016

Water Quality: A Minnesota Maelstrom.  Ron Way.  Star Tribune 11/26/16

Preservation Dream Fulfilled on Little Whitefish Lake.  Brainerd Dispatch 1/20/17

Protecting Lake Roosevelt Through a New Aquatic Management Area 2/22/17


Foundation News Releases

Little Whitefish Lake Conservation Easement Benefits All 1/20/17

Protecting Lake Roosevelt Through a New Aquatic Management Area 2/6/17

Flower Pot Bay Land Officially Added to Chippewa Forest 7/5/17


Healthy Waters Press Series

This press series was developed by the Civic Engagement Team of the Leech Lake Watershed Restoration and Protection (WRAP) Project to help residents and property owners in the Leech Lake watershed understand the importance of healthy waters to their lives so they will do their part to keep "clean water clean" for future generations to enjoy. For more on the Leech Lake WRAP project and the Leech Lake watershed, click here

#1 - WRAPping About Your Watershed

#2-Healthy Forests and Water Quality

#3 Healthy Waters for Fish, Wildlife and Plants

#4 Healthy Connections Between Surface Water and Groundwaters

#5 Climate Change Effects on Healthy Waters

#6 Healthy Waters for Sustainable Communities

#7 Healthy Waters for the Future